Friday, August 03, 2007

Free software not good

I don't want to spark an Linux versus windows here but i just wanted to point out to my view that the fundamental idea ,the philosophy that software must be given away for free propagated by Stallman and others.

There is no way that this world or software developers r gonna benefit by giving away the software developed for free . If some day more and more people start believing in it and some day if there is legislation for giving away software for free then it would be the end of software development at the pace with which it is growing today. Don't assume that the day will never come coz if we cud have so many communist nations few years back then even this is a possibility.

The question of open source or closed source must be completely left to the developer of the code coz he is the best judge in finding if an open source will make his software stronger ,secure as some people claim and at the same time ensure he gets his intellectual property rights. If someday Microsoft or oracle or java ,to name a few, feel that their interests are better served then let them open up their source code.

It will only be discriminatory if software developers are forced to open up the source code through a legislation as most of the other industries still have the right to keep their trade secrets secret .

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